In this era of urbanization people are moving more to metropolitan areas and consequently living in an apartment. We are trying to save as many space as we can and utilize what we have as effective as possible.One of the common things we do is eat, and eventually we will need to wash the dishes.Some people enjoy cooking, but almost anyone prefers not do the dishes, inevitably as it may be. So here we are, not to erase the problem, but to assist you with this inevitable task.

We eat and we cook, sometimes we also have to fry, and in the end we need to clean everything up. Sometimes it is better to let our dishes soak in the water, preferably in warm water since it will help degreasing the oil and fat residue left on the dishes. However the water will turn cold and we cannot afford to keep the water running. We need to find a way to optimizeour water use. Space is also very valuable, especially living in an apartment. Most dish racks will occupy a permanent space in our kitchen. A space that we could put to a better use otherwise.

We are proud to present DASH, the Dish Assistant for Home. This is our solution to help people with a common urban problem.The first thing you will notice is that it is foldable to a more compact form. Which means we can store it elsewhere after use.Secondly it has a flexible heating element which can be placed at the bottom of the sink. This will warm up the water in the sink and keep it warm for a longer period of time. DASH also blows wind to help quicken the drying process of your dishes. This way we will spend less effort using the dishcloth.Finally the unique design of the drying platform has two functions: one is to help the air circulate, and the other is to let the water flow back into the sink.