Aero Rack

We are proud to present the Aero Rack. This is our solution for the a common modern world dilemma:

More and more people are living in the metropolis. The cities are growing denser every day. This unfortunately means that people living in the urban area have less and less space to live in. Not to mention the electricity usage which also grows exponantially.

Washing our clothes is a standard necessity. We all need to do it on a regular basis. The problem occurs when we need to dry our laundry. We need space to do so. And most appartement buildings have prohibited the people living there to hang the laundry on the balcony. The easiest solution is to use a clothes dryer. Which in our opinion ia simply shifting the problem into an energy dillema.

Introducing the Aero Rack. A clothes hanger that saves energy and space. The Aero Rack is collapsible, making it very thin and saves a lot of storage room when you are not using it. It works by blowing windthrough the hanging clothes. Improving the air circulation and speeding the drying process. By using a more energy efficient fan, it will save a lot of energy compared to using a regular clothes dryer. As a last feature, the Aero Rack also doubles up as an ironing board. An extra function that will save you even more space.